Attendance Policy


Daily attendance is important and directly related to school success. The classroom experience is of unique value and cannot be duplicated by make-up work. It is extremely important to develop good work habits by coming to school and arriving ON TIME each day.

Students need to be at school by 7:55am. Announcements will begin at 7:55am. Elementary students shall be counted in attendance when they are present and in class by 8:00am. Students will be considered tardy if they arrive after 7:55am and will be marked accordingly on the attendance. When a child is absent please notify the school office (not the teacher) and send a note when the child returns. Please include dates of absences and reason. Absences considered excused: illness, death in the family. Absences not excused: Vacations or out of town trips, per school board policy unless previously approved by the Principal.

District Attendance Standard

A. All students are expected to be on time and present each day school is open during the school year.

B. Students may not be absent from school without permission of the principal/designee.

  1. The school principal or designee is the only person authorized to excuse a student's absence.
  2. A note from a parent/guardian is a request that a student's absence be excused.
  3. When a student accumulates an excessive number of absences (5 days in a calendar month or 10 days within 90 calendar days) and additional absences occur which are caused by illness, a written statement from a physician verifying that the absence was caused by an illness may be required by the principal to be submitted by the parent/guardian (School Board Policy 4.16).

C. Habitual tardiness is defined as six (6) or more tardies to school or to an individual class per quarter.

D. For enforcement of compulsory school attendance, three unexcused tardies or unexcused early sign-outs may, at the discretion of the school principal, be considered equal to one day of absence.

Make-Up Work

A student who is absent and the absence is determined to be an excused absence, as defined by School Board Policy 4.16, is required to make up all course work missed. It is the student's responsibility to obtain assignments from the appropriate teacher(s) upon returning to class immediately following an absence. The student will be given the number of days absent plus one additional day to make up all work missed for full credit.