School is Back in Session!

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Principal's Corner

Principal's Corner

“Mom, I can’t find my homework!” Sound familiar? You can help your child be successful at school by helping him get organized at home. Here’s how,

  • Time management.  Some kids put everything off until the last minute.  You can help your child by blocking out regular times for study, play and other activities. Use a large calendar.   Write down all of your child’s activities.  Then set a time for schoolwork.  Try to stick to the same time each day.  Your child will know he can’t flop in front of the TV after school because it’s homework time until 5:00 p.m.
  • School things.  End those morning hide‐and‐seek games. Get a big box and put it in a place where your child can’t miss it.  Things from school go in the box as soon as he gets home.  As he finishes homework, that goes back in the box, too.
  •  Evenings.  Take a few minutes at night to lay out clothes for the next day.  Pack a lunch and put it in the refrigerator.  Pack the backpack.  Make sure your child has a regular bedtime.